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Supermarket & food lighting

Recent Food lighting concepts focus product orientated Light with special glare free optics and accentuation at the POS.

Iluminación en HiperDino

Take advantage of natural light

LLEDÓ Sunoptics

Lledó Sunoptics® has patented high-performance prismatic lenses, which provide maximum light transmission and at the same time maintain a 100% diffusion, extending light deep into space and eliminating undesirable hot spots, glare and damage. by ultraviolet radiation.

Solutions for shelf lighting

Floors and shelfs

Especial asymetric optics concentrate the light on the product.

FORUM iluminación de supermercados

Bakery & grill

Iluminación en panadería

Lightsources rich in warm – yellow / red tones with 2800 K producing a golden appearance

Fruit & vegetables

Iluminación en frutería

Recently developed LED´s with brillant natural light are recomened for “green” maket booths.


Iluminación en carnicería

Red meat
Especially designed for uniform red meet without white particles.
Meat +
recomended for meat and sousagges when white colours should appear like iberico ham.


Iluminación en pescadería

Special Spectrum LED with CRI up to 95 are perfect for cold light colours.

Luminaires for shelf lighting


Thanks to the configuration of the luminaire, LEDs are not marked on the Optic, increasing customer comfort and shopping experience.
The new technology of the optics offers a total uniformity of the beams of light obtaining a focused illumination in the exposed products.


Logar spotlights had been designed for product orientated accents. In a relatively small dimension higher lumen packages are possible.

Food lighting luminaires


The BOX projectors offer an accent lighting that will highlight the exposed elements, highlighting the purity of the color, making food more attractive for customers.


LOGAR track mounted and suspended versions could be equipped with special Food LED. Resulting in optimal lm/W performance. Thanks to covered optics longevity its a +.


General Light and Special Food Light in reccessed mounted versions. Our new heat sink design and specially designed PHI Reflector enables light outputs above 4500 lm

Solutions by Lledó


HiperDino reforma su establecimiento

Sainsbury UK

Lledó Sunoptics en Supermercados Sainsbury’s

Lledó Space Concept

SPACE CONCEPT is the only integrated energy efficiency solution in the market

Lledó Space Concept
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