Office lighting influences productivity

One of the factors in occupational health, which is often overlooked, and decreases worker’s productivity is the office lighting. Choosing a proper lighting pattern can have a significant impact on business productivity.

Approximately  80% of the information is received through the eyes, making our view the most important sense. It has been shown that the visual problems imply great losses in productivity to companies. However, in many companies an adequate protection is not implemented yet. 

Maintain an adequate lighting

Working in an environment with low light can cause eyestrain. A poor regulation of the brightness of your computer screen or the fact that glare is reflected on the monitor are also factors that originate that visual problems. Being exposed to too much light can also cause poor visual comfort leading to vision problems and fatigue.
The new lighting solutions and control systems of Lledó, developed for energy saving, adapt to new technologies used in offices, in accordance of the type of monitors used and the new spaces that exist in the offices (relaxation areas, open spaces, multipurpose rooms, transit areas, etc)

Two hours are enough to start to notice the negative effects of the screens in our eyes: blurred vision, headaches, neck and backache, eyestrain and other symptoms which are really common.
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Being the light the key component of the vision and responsible for 80 to 85% of our perception of the world around us, it is not hard to see why we should not ignore the development of adequate strategies for lighting for our offices.

Many companies have increased their productivity as a result of the renewal of the lighting. LLEDÓ has managed to substantially improve the design of luminaires, which with a reduced thickness, provides uniform lighting without glare and with low consumption.
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