Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury moved onwards and upwards with a new state-of-the-art dealership which opened at the start of June 2014 and this is located at the junction of Battlefield Way and Vanguard Way.
An Approved Used Mercedes-Benz Showroom and state-of-the-art MyService Facilities are just some of the excellent features customers can look forward to.
Lledo Sunoptics has provided high performance prismatic systems in different areas of the dealership, to provide natural lighting in work areas, offices, changing rooms, corridors and customer waiting areas.
Studies have shown that providing workers with natural lighting can increase job satisfaction (and decrease the experience of stress).
Directional sources of light can bounce off reflective surfaces such as display screens and cause glare but with Lledo Sunoptics high performance prismatic skylights, 100% diffused light is achieved, with a very comfortable glare free daylighting environment for clients and workers.
Several studies have found that daylit retail buildings show an increase in average monthly sales and a smaller increase in the number of transactions per month.
The value of the energy savings from the daylighting is far overshadowed by the value of the predicted increase in sales due to daylighting.
By the most conservative estimate, the profit from increased sales associated with daylight is worth at least 19 times more than the energy savings, and more likely, may be worth 45-100 times more than the energy savings.

Employees of daylit stores reported slightly higher satisfaction with the lighting quality conditions overall than those in the non-daylit stores. 

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