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Lledó Group implements its efficient lighting solution LledoSunoptics, in DHL warehouses

Lledó Group, a leader in the Iberian Peninsula in design, production and marketing of lighting fixtures and metal ceilings, has implemented its lighting solutions LledoSunoptics in one of the logistics centres that DHL Supply Chain, a worldwide leader in logistics, has located in the town of Quer (Guadalajara).

Particularly concerned about energy efficiency, DHL Supply Chain has marked as a priority on its environmental protection program GoGreen, the implementation of efficient lighting solutions in its logistics centres and warehouses worldwide. In this context, one of the most efficient and cost effective way to improve energy efficiency is the use and optimization of natural light.

The solution has been tested in DHL’s logistics centre located in Quer, a town from la Alcarria, with very positive results.
The logistics centres operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus the key measure in order to optimize overall energy consumption is making the most of daylight, during daytime and if weather conditions are appropriate. On one hand, it is sufficient to maintain the operation of the centre while the daylight can be used, as the light intensity required to maintain the operation of the warehouses is not very high. On the other, it is useful to minimize the necessary electricity consumption to provide that lighting, which would be only employed during nighttime and especially cloudy days.

Specifically, Lledó Group has installed LledoSunoptics 5060 Signature DG system, especially designed in dome shape to obtain the widest light capture. The solution has a 100% uniformity and diffusion with its textured microprisms as well as a extended lifespan due to incorporating a UV filter and a minimum use of the roof surface (2-3%).
LledoSunoptics 5060 Signature

LledoSunoptics has been implemented in two different areas. In an area of about 500 m2, at 8m height, the measurements made on a sunny day last December (the worst month in terms of sunlight) have shown levels above 500 lux and always with the characteristic light uniformity. In the second test area, a zone of approximately 350 m2 and used for preparation, LledoSunoptics is installed at 13m height, obtaining similar results.

LledoSunoptics 5060 Signature helps DHL to fulfill its eco-efficient policy making the most of natural light.

In both areas the quantity and quality of light is more than enough to allow the shutdown of electric lighting and achieve the desired savings.

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