Lighting for Healthcare Environments

The lighting in a building directly impacts wellbeing.

Well-considered lighting offers major physiological, psychological, financial and environmental benefits to a Healthcare facility.
Decades of research studies have shown that as well as enabling visual tasks, light controls our human circadian system. This in turn controls our moods and our quality of sleep. 

Having the right type of lighting in a healthcare environment has been shown to 

• reduce depression
• improve recovery times
• lessen agitation
• ease the perception of pain 

When properly designed, light is able to reduce the burden of stress on patients, family and staff, while also reducing both energy costs and carbon emissions. 

Our new Guide to Healthcare Lighting  explains all this and more.
Lledo offers a full range of products for daylighting, artificial lighting and controls, with dedicated product to suit all areas of a Healthcare facility.
We are also able to customise and make fully bespoke products as needed. 
For full details on all of the Lledo Healthcare lighting solutions, please download and read our HealthcareLighting brochure.

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