Led Quality for a cutting-egde health service by Lledó Group

University Hospital Puerta del Sur in Móstoles and Lledó Group


LED technology is the most effective and ‘healthy’ way to illuminate any environment.  Its qualities surpass the most demanding conditions of health and safety and among its major advantages stands out length, quality and lower costs compared to any other type of lighting.

The University Hospital Puerta del Sur in Móstoles has just checked it after starting a project that includes a  complete installation of this technology in its new facilities, which opened two  months ago. It also becomes the first health centre of Madrid illuminated 100% with this unique technology.

The brand new hospital covers the health needs of a population of over one million inhabitants and 250,000 private healthcare users who are estimated in the area.

‘The main advantages of the project have to do with the qualities of LED technology -longer lifespan and lower power consumption compared to previous fluorescent systems. But it also aims to the possibility of reducing lighting costs’ comments Luis Armenta – HM Hospitals Engineering Manager.


This four-story modern building of 24,000 square meters and a capacity of 130 beds, is the sixth hospital of the HM group in Madrid and will be the most modern facility that this hospital chain allocates to the specialization in neuroscience.

A year before its inauguration, their responsibles dealt with an ambitious lighting project, which has just ended. This project has lead this hospital to be the first in Madrid to equip its facilities with LED technology, the most effective and advanced lighting currently.

The solution comes from the hand of Lledo Group, a national specialist in design, production and marketing of global solutions in lighting.

This national leader with over 50 years of history, has launched this initiative that comprises more than 3,500 luminaires distributed throughout the premises of the Hospital. ‘The main advantages of the project have to do with the qualities of LED technology; longer lifespan and lower power consumption compared to previous fluorescent systems. But it also aims to the possibility of reducing costs of lighting up to 30%, as the project gets underway’ states HM Hospitals Engineering Manager, Luis Armenta.

 A longer lifespan of the more than 3,500 luminaires installed in the new University Hospital Puerta del Sur together with lower heat and ultraviolet emissions have also been highly appreciated features for a healthcare centre like this, one of the most modern and equipped within the Community of Madrid.

As expressed by Armenta ‘They are very simple and powerful systems that allow us a perfect regulation of intensity for each surgery, waiting room or examination room. The ignition is immediate and provides a modern and technological design that fits perfectly with this centre. In short, we have achieved a perfect symbiosis between natural and artificial light, with the latest advances in controls systems’.

The project initially included a complete and distributed lighting system in every area of the Hospital in order to provide the most suitable solution in each case.



 Lledó Group in collaboration with Electricidad Galindo made a preliminary study of its facilities, lighting conditions and specific requirements to undertake the project. They intended to integrate lighting systems capable of dimming their power, depending on the daylight received in each area. Even the different LED solutions implemented admit a precise adjustment that is controlled from a single console.

Luminaires with extra protection were installed in those areas where that requirement was needed due to a high concentration of dust. Different linear luminaires were installed in the transit areas and waiting rooms, as well as technical downlights with a high rate of colour rendering were mounted in the  consultation rooms for a better medical examination of patients.

The advantages and warranties of the technology of Lledó Group are endorsed with the trajectory and closeness of a national group with more than 50 years of history and its own manufacturing facilities. Those are assets that distance themselves from low-cost alternatives. This is recognized by the HM Hospitals Engineering Manager; ‘We highly appreciate that the lighting supplier  is a national manufacturer and located so close that we even have it here,  in our own city, Móstoles,  which greatly facilitates the control of the entire project’.


University Hospital Puerta del Sur has just opened its doors in Móstoles. It is a complete surgical unit, equipped with the latest advances in medical technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases.

Functional and versatile facilities that focus on a modern clinical specialty, Neuroscience, which in this hospital will be developed by top medical professionals. This is a pioneering project of patient-centred health care.

This unique initiative integrates care activity together with the teaching and research one to personalize healthcare and individualize the treatment. This is possible using the state-of-the-art technologies and the latest developments in science, such as molecular biology and genetics, new therapeutic targets and new biological therapies.

The lighting solutions implemented by Lledó Group completed these advanced and modern facilities according to the innovative line of research of the new hospital.

KEYS OF AN INNOVATIVE PROJECTThe key features  of the project can be summarized  in several figures:

300 luminaires with extra protection have been implemented  in areas or rooms where this rate of protection is required.  These luminaires are equipped with a main body made of reinforced polycarbonate  highly resistant to mechanical stress.

A tough and durable design that increases the safety at the facility against accidental bumps. Its optical part provides a great visual comfort, in case of direct observation of the luminaire,  without losing efficiency.

The more than 900 lighting equipments installed at University Hospital Puerta del Sur are the innovative model Variant II that offers high performance and anti-glare control, thanks to a new optical technology with highly transparent microprismatic structure.

The integrated optical systems guarantee the use of work tools such as tablets, computers or monitoring machines which will not be affected by annoying glares despite their location.

Its great visual comfort reduces eyestrain throughout the workday regardless of the room,  avoiding the decrease of the health staff productivity.
 Regarding the 190 luminaires Variant I installed, this model comprises fixed and mobile extruded aluminum trims and microprismatic and opal optics with high optical performances.
With these versions besides having a great visual comfort, you can get a perfect simulation of natural light through optic technology integrated in all the luminaires. This advanced technology increases the volume of the spaces and compensates the little natural light that sometimes can enter.

Ceilings, walls and workplaces will be optimized to increase the uniformity of light, increasing the sensation of all users of being in more natural areas.
About 700 downlights offer high colour rendering index for a perfect medical examination of patients, used in both, surgeries and rooms.
The first medical examination to a patient can be vital for a proper diagnosis before performing a thorough examination.
Dermatology, blood draws, internal medicine, orthopaedics, etc., are areas where perfect reproduction of the colours of our skin and organs is essential for a medical intervention. Therefore luminaires with high colour reproduction are used in these areas in order to have an accurate vision.

‘We highly appreciate that the lighting supplier  is a national manufacturer located so close that we even have it here,  in our own city, Móstoles,  which greatly facilitates the control of the entire project’ states Luis Armenta, HM Hospitals Engineering Manager.


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