Adjustable Downlight LED RIN

Accent light for shops, showrooms and sales.

Downlight LED RIN

Textured lens, Without light rings

Maximum definition of the projected light beam.

RIN downlights limit light depreciation thanks to the incorporation of protection diffuser at the light output.

Downlights round

Technology COOL TECH

High performance and long product life.

Complete RIN family



Torre Rioja an example of Sustainable Offices

AFI Headquarters, Efficient Lighting Architecture

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Tipo de Instalación

Carril electrificado trifásico, Adosado a techo, Suspendido en techo, Empotrado en techo

Apertura del Haz

Super intensivo, Intensivo, Extensivo, Super extensivo


<30W, <40W, <50W

Temperatura de color

3.000K, 4.000K

Reproducción cromática

CRI 90, CRI 95

Flujo luminoso

>1.800lm, > 2.500lm, >3.000lm

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Product details

Cut in ceiling 102 mm

RIN · Adjustable downlight 30º · White color · Recessed in ceiling mounting

Luminaire body


  • Aluminum injection body with a high dissipation performance, COOL TECH technology, warranty of a higher performance and a long lasting product life.
  • Orientable. The rotation function from 0 ° to 40 ° maximizes the range of illumination.
  • On demand custom stem length and body color
  • Main voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power factor 0,95
  • Installation: easy installation thanks to anchor straps included in the supply.
  • Body with a special industrial and compact design, created
    exclusively for the integration of high-performance LED light
  • Useful life: L70B50: 70.000 hours/L80B50: 50.000 hours. Ta:25ºC
  • Ceiling cut: 102x102 mm
  • Well-defined and clean light beams for an efficient accent
    lighting in shops, showrooms and sales.
  • Textured lens: color consistency throughout the pattern: ring
    effects are eliminated and the color temperature does not
    change with the LED emission angle.
  • SPOT (16º), FLOOD (25º) and SUPERFLOOD (40º)
    spotlights with PHI-REFLECTOR® technology, thanks to its
    facet design it allows a higher control of the light beam with a
    minimum dispersion of light, obtaining the maximum definition
    of the projected beam.
  • Limitation of light depreciation thanks to the incorporation of a
    protection diffuser at the light output, the optical component is
    protected from external agents.
  • 930/940 LED with a higher selection of binning that
    guarantees the light output emitted and the colour
    temperature declared, as well as a higher color reproduction
    and white colors with a CRI above 90.



Reference Light source Light distribution Power Color temp. CRI Luminous flux Weight Datasheet Assembly BIM Revit Send to DIALux Photometric ULD Photometric LDT Photometric IES CAD
3784193000SP0BM LED930 SPOT-15º 27W 3,000K >90 2,750lm 1.1Kg
3784194000SP0BM LED940 SPOT-15º 27W 4,000K >90 2,800lm 1.1Kg
3784193000FL0BM LED930 FLOOD-24º 27W 3,000K >90 2,500lm 1.1Kg
3784194000FL0BM LED940 FLOOD-24º 27W 4,000K >90 2,550lm 1.1Kg
3784193000SF0BM LED930 SUPERFLOOD-38º 27W 3,000K >90 2,400lm 1.1Kg
3784194000SF0BM LED940 SUPERFLOOD-38º 27W 4,000K >90 2,450lm 1.1Kg