Lledó Folio

LED lighting of reduced dimensions.

Decorative lighting solutions of minimalist sections

Elegant solutions in few millimeters

Our Folio light panels have been developed with a new technology based on mathematic algorithms. This has allowed us to create an ultra-slim profile with an exceptionally uniform lit effect – and absolutely no visible shadowing.

Opal diffusers extend to the very edge, ensuring a completely homogenous spread of light.

Beauty Light in 360°

The unique technology behind our Folio products can generate perfectly uniform intensity across surface areas of all sizes – big or small.

No joins, or shadows gaps will be visible even on products with considerable surface dimensions.

Our hanging panel range for ceiling and walls is deliberately slender in
section – a design that has been carefully produced to ensure neat integration into a space, with optimal performance. The fastening system allows for simple and complete lamp adjustment.

Colour temperature 3.000 K, 4.000 K, 5.700 K or tuneable from 2.700 K to 6.000 K. RGB and dimmable on request.

Customized Surface Finishes

Unsurpassed performance

The intense light generated from the thin surface of Folio opens up opportunities to explore unique effects created by layering other materials over it.

A sheet of marble may be backlit to create a remarkable three dimensional effect, as the light is refracted by the natural veining in the stone. The depth, warmth and variety of colours present in a thin sheet of wood can be revealed by light passing through.

Back-lit fabrics also offer endless possibilities to create ambience, and add texture and contrast to a space.

LED Suspendido

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FOLIO 2016

Projects 2019

FOLIO · OPAL 10L 2019


Torre Rioja an example of Sustainable Offices

AFI Headquarters, Efficient Lighting Architecture

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Tipo de Instalación

Carril electrificado trifásico, Adosado a techo, Suspendido en techo, Empotrado en techo

Apertura del Haz

Super intensivo, Intensivo, Extensivo, Super extensivo


<30W, <40W, <50W

Temperatura de color

3.000K, 4.000K

Reproducción cromática

CRI 90, CRI 95

Flujo luminoso

>1.800lm, > 2.500lm, >3.000lm

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