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High performance solar panels.

High performance solar panels

Lledó Energy Photovoltaic

In recent years, we are experiencing a growing concern over global problems posed by the contemporary model of progress, with special emphasis on the harnessing and use of energy.

It is in this context of sustainable development where renewable energies take centre stage and become real-world solutions to foster in all areas of society.

Solar energy is one of the most important solutions and with the highest potential in the current energy scenario, commonly described as unsustainable.

Roof solutions

Facade solutions

BIPV mono Si high efficiency

Facade solutions


In high efficiency chromatic panels.


In opaque glass for architectural integration.

Broad range

Of colors that allows infinite facade modulations.


Full color that offers new aesthetic opportunities, combining a flexible architectural design and high performance.


Si High performance monocrystalline.

Surface treatment with highly efficient technology, without guidelines, without dyes. It gives the material durability and resistance.

PV Roof solutions

Roof solutions

At Lledó Energía we have been working on rooftop photovoltaic solar energy projects since 2006.

All these years of experience make us select and work only with the most efficient, innovative and highest quality products, with a wide portfolio of roof, facade and architectural integration solutions.


Photovoltaic modules of maximum durability, subjected to the most demanding tests.
Tests in saline environments and aggressive chemical environments.

High efficiency inverters with multiple followers of maximum power.

Structures that adapt to each type of roof ensuring maximum strength and reliability.


We study the integration of photovoltaic generation in the load curves, estimating the savings in energy and power and calculating the return on investment.

Integration with natural light eco-TOP

As experts in daylighting we propose energy utilization systems combining photovoltaics with our natural lighting products, turning the roof into an element of generation and energy saving.

Connections box IP68

High resistance to water and dust.


Diodes up 15A.

Ultra resistant frame

Double waterproof layer with aluminum frame with hook-shaped cross section. Increases the mechanical force loads by 0%.


Minimum losses for mismatch.

Anti PID

High resistance in saline and chemically aggressive environments. Tested anti PID.

Resistant to strong mechanical loads

Tested at 2,400 Pa in wind load and 5,400 Pa in snow load.


Torre Rioja an example of Sustainable Offices

AFI Headquarters, Efficient Lighting Architecture

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Summary information about our solar panels.

Revistas Lledó Energía

S, M, L


Blanco Mate, Negro Oxirón

Tipo de Instalación

Carril electrificado trifásico, Adosado a techo, Suspendido en techo, Empotrado en techo

Apertura del Haz

Super intensivo, Intensivo, Extensivo, Super extensivo


<30W, <40W, <50W

Temperatura de color

3.000K, 4.000K

Reproducción cromática

CRI 90, CRI 95

Flujo luminoso

>1.800lm, > 2.500lm, >3.000lm

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