LED Spotlight ZOOM

The most effective approach.

LED Spotlight ZOOM M

Adjustable optic with light source LLEDÓ RETAIL EVO CRI95

A luminaire developed to market demand, to satisfied all the needs that are required for the RETAIL spaces.

It has a new technology of optics that allows achieving a perfect product focus thanks to its adjustable lens, which supports an angle of focus from 12º to 38º, passing through 4 positions. We get both precise illumination of the desired product, as well as general lighting for the bathing of a larger area.

Due to its specialized use for lighting products and shop windows, it incorporates the standard LLEDO RETAIL EVO chip, with a CRI 95 and a reproduction of the red ones (R9) higher than 60.

Versatile Approach

New ZOOM optical system, formed by a refractive optics, which allows to get 4 different light beams with the same lens.

The simple change of the light beam provides flexibility, for the increasingly frequent changes in the collections, which leads to modifications both inside the store and in the shop windows.

In order to perform a more effective approach depending on the position of the product, it has a built-in potentiometer as standard.

Dimmable DALI electronic converter (driver) integrated in luminaire.

  • Window shop, due to the flexibility of the product.
  • Exhibition of products, the fresnel lens combined with the superspot reflector allows us to achieve a very closed beam of light, eliminating almost completely the diffuse light around the beam.

Complete ZOOM family


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Tipo de Instalación

Carril electrificado trifásico, Adosado a techo, Suspendido en techo, Empotrado en techo

Apertura del Haz

Super intensivo, Intensivo, Extensivo, Super extensivo


<30W, <40W, <50W

Temperatura de color

3.000K, 4.000K

Reproducción cromática

CRI 90, CRI 95

Flujo luminoso

>1.800lm, > 2.500lm, >3.000lm

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Product details

Medium size

ZOOM M · White color · Electrified track mounting · LED special RETAIL EVO

Luminaire body


  • Optical body made of extruded aluminium with high
    dissipation performances.
  • Equipment-carrier box stem and body made of semicrystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical and thermal
  • Passive heat dissipation system through the use of COOL
    TECH technology, which guarantees high performances
    and a longer product life.
  • Dimmable DALI electronic converter (driver) integrated in
  • Dimmable 1-10V through an integrated potentiometer.
  • Main voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz. φ > 0,95
  • Mounting: The spotlight needs an adaptor for mounting
    on universal three-phase track updated according to
  • Body with an elegant and compact design, created
    exclusively to integrate high-performance LED light
  • Rotation system: allows 355º rotation from the vertical axis
    and 90º tilt from the horizontal one.
  • Well-defined and clean light beams for an efficient accent lighting
    in shops, showrooms and sales.
  • Refractive optics: special design by means of which the surface
    of the lens is formed by concentric grooves that allow to reduce
    the weight material required for the curved surface typical of
    conventional lenses.
  • It incorporates a new ZOOM optical system, which allows 4
    different light beam optics (13º / 16º / 26º / 38º) thanks to a
    moving part at the light output, without the need to change the
  • 930/940 LED with a higher selection of binning that guarantees
    the light output emitted and the colour temperature declared, as
    well as a higher color reproduction and white colors with a CRI
    above 90.
  • Special LED RETAIL EVO, with CRI> 95 chromatic reproduction
    and high selection of binning for a correct reproduction of the
    colors, free of dyeing by addition in white objects, whether they
    are textiles or other materials in this color. Add special
    phosphorus that achieve a very good balance in the appearance
    of colors and whites.



Reference Light source Color Power Color temp. CRI Weight Datasheet Assembly BIM Revit Send to DIALux Photometric ULD Photometric LDT Photometric IES CAD
001989 LED930 Matt white 28W 3,000K >90 1.3Kg
001991 LED930 Matt black 28W 3,000K >90 1.3Kg
001990 LED930+ Matt white 28W 3,000K 95 1.3Kg
001992 LED930+ Matt black 28W 3,000K 95 1.3Kg