Industrial Luminaire ORIZOON

Industrial LED for high heights.

Industrial LED ORIZOON

High technical performance

The new ORIZOON luminaire has been designed for industry and logistics buildings that don´t  require a high IP protection.

It has an effective protection optical system with IP42. In this way, it prevents from entering in the zone all kind of external agents such as dirt or dust.  Consequently,  it significantly reduces the luminaire´s lighting depreciation.

Optimized for big height

Furthermore, ORIZOON offers in the workplace a higher optimum visual comfort, a higher lighting output (> 21000 lumens) and a controlled visual comfort in one of its axes for an UGR19.  Resulting in employees,  less glare when working and therefore their productivity is increased.

Complete ORIZOON family

Recommended products for glare-free lighting for the observer. Increase the quality of light and the level of lighting with the maximum energy saving with our wide range of luminaires of efficient designs able to illuminate up to 20 meters high.

Lledó product range for installations in industry and logistics.

Recommended maximum installation height.



Claraboya prismática Lledó Sunoptics

Schweppes Implements Lledó Sunoptics

Lledó Sunoptics in DHL warehouses

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Tipo de Instalación

Carril electrificado trifásico, Adosado a techo, Suspendido en techo, Empotrado en techo

Apertura del Haz

Super intensivo, Intensivo, Extensivo, Super extensivo


<30W, <40W, <50W

Temperatura de color

3.000K, 4.000K

Reproducción cromática

CRI 90, CRI 95

Flujo luminoso

>1.800lm, > 2.500lm, >3.000lm

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Product details

ORIZOON LED · Textured graphite color · Suspended or attached installation

Luminaire body


  • Body made of thermo-enameled steel and thermo-enamelled aluminum in textured graphite color.
  • Body designed with new cooling system for windows in the sheet that releases the flow of hot air, improving dissipation and increased service life.
  • Light weight: <5 kg (Versions of 114 and 178 W)
  • The electrical connection is made to a three pole internal terminal in the luminaire.
  • Mounting: suspended by cable or chain, by four anchor points. These anchoring points are grooves in the sheet itself adapted to place the fastening carabiner. Terraced to roof. Suspended by lyre. See mounting accessories.
  • Supply voltage: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz.
  • Corrected power factor: 0.95
  • Lifespan: L90B50: 50,000 hours / L80B50: 100,000 hours. Ta: 25ºC
    L80B50: 50,000 hours / L70B50: 70,000 hours. Ta: 35ºC
  • Modular optical system that incorporates high transmittance PMMA diffusers.
  • Light source installed on an unpainted aluminum dissipator base incorporating double asymmetric optics.
  • Textured lens: color consistency throughout the pattern: ring effects are eliminated and the color temperature does not change with the LED emission angle.
  • Optical distributions Medium and Flood. Possibility of Spot optics on request.
  • Limitation of the luminous depreciation thanks to the enclosure of the optical part, which prevents the entry of external agents and dirt to the part of the reflector and the light source.
  • LED 840 with high selection of binning that guarantees the emitted flow and the declared color temperature, as well as a high color and white color rendering, with a CRI higher than 80.



Reference Light source Light distribution Power Color temp. CRI Luminous flux Weight Datasheet BIM Revit Send to DIALux Photometric ULD Photometric LDT Photometric IES CAD
84782188400MEOX LED840 MEDIUM 218W 4,000K >80 24,400lm 6.90Kg
84781788400MEOX LED840 MEDIUM 178W 4,000K >80 19,030lm 4.90Kg
84781088400MEOX LED840 MEDIUM 114W 4,000K >80 13,400lm 4.90Kg
84782188400FLOX LED840 FLOOD 218W 4,000K >80 23,500lm 6.90Kg
84781788400FLOX LED840 FLOOD 178W 4,000K >80 18,100lm 4.90Kg
84781088400FLOX LED840 FLOOD 114W 4,000K >80 12,900lm 4.90Kg