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Torre Rioja

A Solution functional & efficient.

The rehabilitation project of the Torre Rioja AA81 building, located in Madrid, has transformed an old and obsolete building into a modern, sustainable and eco-efficient office building of more than 20,000 M2.

This project has been carried out in all 5 floors of 4,000 m2 each, obtaining 97 points in the LEED Platinum Certification, which places it with the highest European score (USGBC) in the category Core & Shell (office buildings).

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has evaluated sustainable strategies that have been implemented in the building according to its location, innovation, water consumption, energy efficiency, lighting system, CO2 footprint, air quality, material and waste management throughout its useful life.

Buildings with a LEED environmental certification have a direct impact on different factors such as welfare, reduction of absenteeism, productivity improvement and a clear revaluation of the property.

Torre Rioja turns the AA81 into a functional, efficient and environmentally friendly solution, using technologies such as free cooling by air and water, induction systems / cold beam), magnetic levitation chillers, active facade or management and control systems, higher LED lighting efficiency.

The confidence shown in all the professionals who have been part of this energy efficiency milestone, affects an area of 23,600 m2 above ground level as well as almost 500 parking spaces below ground level.

Under these guidelines, Lledo has collaborated in this project by installing in 20,000 m2 of surface, LED technology panel-luminaires where air conditioning return slots are integrated.

The VARIANT II series with air conditioning return plenum create a perfect simulation of natural light thanks to Softlight technology, besides doing a double integrated function. Parts of the building were equipped with the ADVANCE 160 downlight series that offer a higher degree of reliability and an unbeatable light quality.

Torre Rioja

Lledó Sunoptics


Active systems Daylight LLEDÓ SUNOPTICS

Lledó Energy

Another efficient solution has resulted in introducing natural light to the parking area thanks to Daylight LLEDÓ SUNOPTICS  active systems. It increases by more than 80% extra the energy efficiency and the artificial lighting only gets activated when natural light is no longer effective. These higher performance and prismatic design systems maximize light transmission while providing 100% diffusion. This implies in buildings enormous energy savings since the use of natural light allows to reduce the electricity consumption.

This building has become a benchmark, winning different energy efficiency prizes.

Lighting Project: Lledó Madrid

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