An eco-efficient transport

Ferri Texelstroom

An eco-efficient transport.

The Texelstroom is the first new generation ferry to be built by the Basque shipyard La Naval-CNN of Sestao. Owned by the Dutch company Royal N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) it has been designed to support up to 1,750 passengers and 350 vehicles for the journey carried out between the Dutch port of Den Helder and Texel, the largest of the Frisian Islands, which has numerous tourist attractions, including a nature reserve and extensive beaches.

It is a one of a kind ferry for its symmetrical double-bow design that allows you to navigate in both directions, the use of compressed natural gas as fuel and the integration of solar panels makes it much more efficient in energy consumption.

The project and design of the indoor spaces has been carried out by the Basque company Oliver Design. Company specialized in design and naval architecture in the city of Getxo (Bizkaia).

The lighting has been sought out by efficient and profitable solutions based on LED technology in accordance to the features of the vessel. Within these premises, Lledó has carried out integrated lighting solutions.

For both bow and stern, a custom-made backlight with textile ceilings incorporating the image of a sky with clouds that covers a 150m2 white backlit ceiling in two pieces.

The lighting is based on a harmonic solution using dynamic light that represents the same tone of light inside the boat as the one outside. For this type of solution, the Dyamic series luminaires have been used to offer passengers a pleasant experience thanks to its light colors.

Throughout the boat, technical areas and two parking levels, additional protection luminaires have been installed with the aim of ensuring the passengers protection.

Control system Quantum View de LLEDÓ + LUTRON

Lledó Control


For the light control, it has been installed the Quantum View control system of LLEDÓ + LUTRON, allowing to maximize efficiency in the use of light in order to improve comfort and productivity levels, simplifying operations and saving energy.

The solution provided by Lledó Group allows to communicate with the boats automation system and manages the lighting according to schedules of different zones and their different uses. Changes of color temperature in areas such as food islands of the Buffet highlight the food gondolas and in general areas, the passengers can enjoy a comfortable crossing setting with different scenes depending on the time of day.

For that reason, the Texelstroom ferry has become a state-of-the-art ship that develops a more eco-efficient, comfortable transport. Ultimately an ergoefficient solution.

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