Lighting Solutions for Smart de Mercedes Benz

New Mercedes Benz Smart center more than an authorized dealer.

The German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, through its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Madrid, has a new official authorised dealer of the brand Smart (Smart Center) located in Serrano street in Madrid.

A new home for Smart
This Smart Center located at Serrano 112, ‘is a new way to market vehicles that shows that something is also happening in Mercedes-Benz Retail’

The project
The new store of 150 m2, designed by the company Tétris Architecture, is a unique space where coexist two perfectly distinct and highly functional environments.

The challenge
The exterior facade stands out by an open space without barriers where the Smart are presented. A good way to attract attention and invite to enter to the local. When passing the threshold area, we get into the room intended for commercial attention.


Lledó Soluciones Constructivas

The solution

The solution
On the facade, the creatives from Tetris have incorporated a floor simulating the street. The visual impact is achieved by a clean and shine zenith lighting on cars that provide the effect from the outside.

This effect is achieved with the solution LLEDÓart by a coating of luminous stretched fabric over its entire surface.

The Smart Center has a one-piece uniform clean zenith lighting through LED feedback and luminous stretched fabric thanks to LED panels LLEDÓ ODL-VAR Flat Backlighting.

The dynamic environment is managed by Lledó-Lutron controls.

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