How a historical place recovers all its splendour thanks to lighting

Greater visual comfort and precision in lighting

The 15th-century cloister of Saint Stephen convent, better known as the “Salon de Profundis”, has undergone a complete restoration process to recover all its historical value.

This place has witnessed one of the most important moments in Spain’s history. This is where Christopher Columbus convinced the advisors of the Catholic Monarchs to support him in his plan to reach the Indies.

The restoration has consisted in adapting the lighting and electrical installations for its contemplation and the use of the room for temporary exhibitions and other events of religious and cultural dimension.



New lighting

The new lighting comes from VIEW CRI90 spotlights that faithfully recreate colors, shades and shapes of objects. They can highlight in a punctual or diffused way thanks to the PHI REFLECTOR technology by Lledo. And, in addition, they have 100% flexibility thanks to their rotation adaptability, orientation and space position.

The light solution is completed with the Lledo + Lutron control system integration. With this system, you get a total lighting management that allows you to adjust the light to meet up visual needs on a temporary basis, create comfortable environments and lighting levels adapted to visitors.

With this, the “Salon de Profundis” regains the importance it deserves by allowing people to carefully observe all its architectural richness.


Lighting Project: Lledo Valladolid
Architect: Jesús Manzano Pascual

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