Quintas bets on a new jewellery concept

Lighting according to the space you want to enhance

The Quintas jewellery located in the Santa Clara street in Zamora has carried out a series of rehabilitation and restoration works.

These works have been based on transforming the concept of a classical jewellery into a new concept of open spaces, where light and wood are the main characters.

The jewellery owes its name to its founder Jesus Quintas de las Heras and it opened its doors to the public in 1952. Currently, incorporated in a family business and a reference point within the segment. It has a large variety of jewellery articles, gifts, all of great prestige and quality. In addition to having a specialized repair shop.

In order to adapt the new jewellery concept, all lighting with LED technology has been implemented in the establishment, seeking in this way, a positioning in detail and the consequent energy saving.

In order to enhance the personalized attention area, ADVANCE 90 Downlights were strategically distributed offering a high light quality with CRI90 and limiting the glare through the PHI REFLECTOR technology. Resulting in a better light beam control with a minimum dispersion of light providing the maximum luminous comfort.




New light effects

For a space illumination and delimitation, it has been implemented ODL 160 LED light structures that manage to give shape to the space architecture by presenting totally new light effects.

Likewise, the shop windows are presented in an orderly way thanks to the technology integrated in VIEW CRI90 Spotlights. Its compact design perfectly adapts to the space and achieves an optimum luminosity level for its purpose in the most efficient way. Thanks to its adequate color reproduction, the colors and textures of the different exposed products are represented with great fidelity.

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