New headquarters with the latest LED technology

Binter, a Spanish airline company based in the Canary Islands, has opened its new official headquarters after two years under construction.

The building has 13,514.19 square meters, six floors and parking spaces for all its employees.

On the three upper floors, organized in a bright open space with large windows on the sides, offices and meeting rooms can be found as well as an indoor patio where the light comes through. The predominant color in all levels is white, which inspires clarity and transparency, as well as modernity.

The ground level includes one cafeteria and different training rooms for jobs offered by the airline, in addition to having an indoor patio.

For these floors a soft and uniform lighting has been implemented to simulate daylight and contribute to a greater visual comfort. Making it possible for workers to perform different tasks without any glare.

The corridors have Folio light panels that allow a uniformed light output. They present an intense and enveloping light in few centimetres thickness. Giving an elegant and original result.


Maximizes the use of light

In order to ensure greater efficiency of all the lighting implemented, luminaires have been integrated with the latest management technologies. The control system Lledó + Lutron Quantum QS maximizes the use of light taking advantage of the moments of the day with greater contribution of natural light, improving comfort levels and saving energy.

The last two underground floors are part of the parking, which houses 200 places for all workers in the building.

The exterior ramp that leads to the car park has BEGA luminaires to signal the road in a smooth and homogeneous way, being suitable elements as a visual guide.

The rest of the exterior of the building presents a unique scene thanks to the lighting coming from a selection of BEGA luminaires. Projectors, spotlights and lighting modules offer superior light efficiency, with better dispersion precision in light and high energy efficiency.

Lighting Project: 
Lledó Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Lighting project

Lledó Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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