A new concept

Funeral home in Jove

Sustainable architecture that is full of light

The Jove funeral home is a modern space located on the west side of Gijon, next to the Jove Hospital, facing the sea in an exceptional location. It has five wake rooms, cafeteria, flower shop, office area and a parking area for at least 50 cars, where the architects Alfredo Estebanez and Eduardo Garcia – AE Arquitectos – have enhanced all parts of the premises with light.

A simply spectacular result

Inside the building, spaciousness and proper lighting has been sought, along with a warm and cosy atmosphere.

A funeral home with five spacious rooms and an entrance hall where light provides dynamism and amplitude, while an adjacent area allows a more intimate and private gathering of the immediate family. In the wake rooms all lighting is indirect, and includes the integration of architectural LED lighting that provides a linear and consistent effect, and gives a balanced atmosphere to the rooms. The common areas of the rooms, such as the toilets and bathrooms, have been fitted with several points of LED light that is both functional and decorative.

Artificial light is specially designed to bring peacefulness, inviting to lower the voice in conversations and help calm emotions. Hidden lighting has been used to enlarge the space and enhance the transition from the exterior to the interior. The lighting at the hallway of the wake rooms is divided into 3 groups of luminaires. On the one hand, there are LED strips perched on the wooden boxes that lead to the rooms and cast indirect lighting inside and emphasize the torch effect of the building through the windows over the access to the rooms. In addition, emergency lighting has been used to mark the space delimited by each room. The other major group of luminaires extends along the glass front of the building, with two points of light on the floor at each side of the haunches that divide the windows and pillars, generating very suggestive triangles of light on the ceiling.




Customized solutions

The building has on its public section an entrance hall with a reception and administration area. Volume lighting plays an important role in the tasks carried out here. The solution involved LED downlights of the Q series due to their discrete designs in terms of shapes and sizes, ensuring a high light output over their long life.

While the Q-series LED downlights continue in the office area and provide the predominant lighting in these spaces, indirect lighting is also used with individual suspended luminaires that provide an ideal quality of light for the work taking place here.

The new concepts of Advance downlights and their patented PHI REFLECTOR technology (high light output and perfect colour rendering), help to create a unique ambience and identity in the cafeteria, while meeting all functional and technical requirements. In this space, the points of light are located in a seemingly random way so that when they are not in use they are confused with the coving of the acoustic drop ceiling.

In the display area, the combination of indirect linear lighting and RMBO spotlights, accentuates the funeral products.
The flower shops require quite a deal of knowledge and sensitivity for the type of product displayed and sold there. This condition requires a special lighting approach. To create the desired atmosphere, Dl/CE 160 aim-adjustable LED downlights have been used, which feature a colour rendering index (CRI) over 90.

Technological solutions

A new funeral-home concept

A functional building with a large central courtyard that allows guests to stay outside the rooms. There is also an outside terrace and parking area for 50 cars.

For the exterior of the building, the intention was for the funeral home not calling much of an attention from the hospital. This has been achieved with the vegetation around the building and parking area, and discreet lighting that subtly emphasizes the architectural dimensions to integrate the premises into the environment.

The technological solutions used for outdoor lighting involve marker lights and wallwashers, as well as guidance lighting for the access areas and facade lighting, poles that are perfectly integrated into the environment of the parking area and aesthetic surface cylinders providing illumination for the access stairs.

Other lighting details include wood handrailings directly embossed into the concrete with integrated lighting that contributes to the torch effect of the communications tower covered with wooden slats.  In addition, the gutter on the glass covered porch that leads to the funeral home hides a linear luminaire that washes the concrete wall.

In a discreet manner but providing guidance, Zirconic S IP65 LED mini-spotlights have been integrated into the floor, right on the pebble border to mark the walls of the access ramp from the parking area. Spaces that seem impossible to illuminate are now feasible with these small items.

All implemented solutions give the new space its own identity.

Architects: AE Arquitectos, Alfredo Estébanez y Eduardo García (www.aearquitectos.es)
Electrical installation: Adober
Photos: Funeraria Gijonesa S.A.
Photographer: Héctor Santos-Díez




Architectural Studio

AE Arquitectos, Alfredo Estébanez y Eduardo García (www.aearquitectos.es)

Assembly of Installations

Eléctricas Adober

Assignment of Photographs

Funeraria Gijonesa S.A.


Héctor Santos-Díez


Lighting Project

Lledó Galicia

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