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Capture more light and distribute it uniformly.

NETTO Marken Discount, one of the leading German discounter chains that belong to the EDEKA Group, the major German food retailer, introduces the Natural Lighting via Lledó Sunoptics in its new discount store in Hannover. The first store to achieve the DNGB Gold certification and the Passivehouse Standard.

The building implements Lledó Sunoptics Skylights as a solution for an efficient and high quality day lighting together with many other active and passive measures. Additionally, the artificial light inside the building is controlled by a Light control system delivered by Lledó Group.

Netto Marken Discount
Lledó Sunoptics


Clean energy

This combination ensures that artificial light is only activated when there is not enough daylight available. The few space on the roof that Lledó Sunoptics requires to get natural light inside the building, allows the customer to use the rest of the roof to install photovoltaic panels. Thus the rooftop becomes a very useful element for achieving the energy efficiency objectives required: Electricity savings thanks to Lledó Sunoptics daylight and clean energy production through photovoltaic solar system.

Lledo Sunoptics Natural Lighting Systems capture more light and distribute it uniformly. Hence they get to illuminate, without power consumption and with the best benefits, commercial spaces, logistics centres and industrial spaces.

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