Lledó Sunoptics installed in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

100% diffusion and block the full spectrum of UV

Since 2010, Lledó UK has been helping Sainbury’s reduce their energy consumption with the installation of Lledó Sunoptics high performance prismatic skylights in their new stores all over the UK.

Lledó Sunoptics skylights have a very high Visual Light Transmission 67%, 100% Diffusion and block the full spectrum of UV, with no glare and UV damage to products. Only covering 4% of the roof, Sunoptics provide natural light in the stores during the day when energy is more expensive, reducing the need for artificial lighting, saving on average 35% on their annual electricity bill. Whilst exploiting natural daylight to reduce energy costs, Lledó Sunoptics skylights also improve the internal environment for the customers and employees, increasing sales and productivity.

Sainsbury Lledó Sunoptics
Lledó Sunoptics


LledóSunoptics systems

Lledó Sunoptics skylights have been installed in more than 30 stores around the country including Newport, Pontypridd, East Kilbride, Irvine, Norwich, Slough, Dawlish, King’s Lynn, Carlisle, Mansfield, Whitby and Sunderland.


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