Atic Barcelona Business Center, a lively coworking space and adapted lighting solutions from Lledó

2400 m2 in plain nerve center of Barcelona, an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-up´s, equipped with modern services and conveniencies, located in the exuberant, healthy and tech – quarter of the catalan metropolis.

Àtic Barcelona, designed by 2BMFG Arquitectos combines image, comfort, health and well-being within different spaces to reinforce productivity and efficiency. Main criteria had been the Well certification system by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI)

2000 m2 of co-working spaces are furnished with tech – equipment and dimmable lights for any individual area.


“Àtic Barcelona Business Center is inspired by a small vivid quarter, comfortable, healthy and highly technological – where everything could happen every day – as the BCN – Carles district could be described. One could walk through his streets, places and corners and enjoy form day to day.”


4 areas - varying propositions

Ángel Ruiz, Santi Roses, Jorge Tarragona from our Barcelona branch sign for consultancy, installation and maintenance. Our team responded to 4 key zones, offices, co-working areas, renting and event spaces, with the adequate lighting design.

Lighting solutions for every place

Co. working area

A Barcelona city plaza is the inspiration for the co-working zone at the Átic – with its “six – bóvedas” chapel. The columns suggest the combined structural function with a street lamp impression. Highly efficient Bega Light spheres covers 70% of the required light level for this workplaces. The other 30 % contribute furniture integrated light strips.

The open atmosphere of the hall helps to establish a visual connection between all co – workers – one of the key points of such modern office worlds.

Área de coworking

Office spaces

For more private atmospheres 2BMFG dedicated team & project areas, equipped with recent connect technology, functional furniture in grey tones, wood and CI green materials. A black painted ceiling aims to limit visually the space, traversed by Lledó Line 50 lines. These light lines are c2c certified, obtaining additional credits for well certified indoor spaces. From a slim 50 mm cannel – uniform and glare free light for office standards are possible.

Hipostile hall

In classical architecture the term stays for a greater space supported by columns. The grand hall of the Business Center draw our attention the combined work and chill out zones, surrounded by plants – putted in scene by Lledó Art circular Light ceilings from different diameters. It’s a customized solution based on retro – lit tensioned textiles, reinforcing the organic touch for the hall and adjacent zones like leisure and coffee shop.

These big surfaces from light create a pleasant business atmosphere, combined with pendant luminaries from the Bega Studio Line series.

Salas hipóstilas

Sustainable work space with light control

Light at Átic Barcelona is connected to a centralized lighting management system, each room can be operated wireless from only one device. A central software analyses the power consumption and optimize room management by adapted time scheduling.

The Átic workcenter communicates the principles of a Well Certification seeking for well- being of its users during their stay.

Un espacio de trabajo controlado y sostenible 7

“Our objective and concern was to build quality spaces with functional distributions, ecological materials, sustainability from the scratch – to reach a positive impact on health , well-being , productivity and comfort at the same time.”



Átic Barcelona Business Center



2BMFG Arquitectos



Lledó+Bega, Lledó Art, soluciones lineales LINE



Calaf Constructora




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