Holy and connected lighting at San Juan Butista Church

San Juan Bautista Church, is a column architecture from XVI century, located at Argamasilla de Alba (Ciudad Real). This church typology is characterized by the combination of the gotic heritage, with Italian Renaissance new feels. Building started in 1542, with a twist of being unfinished from below, which turns this structure to an original space, held by circular pillars. The full space falls on three naves of similar height, however, the main nave has double width regarding to the others.

In 2003 they started remodelling works focused on enhance the lowest part of the structure, just as generate a higher space feeling during their current 36 metres. However, some shifts have been done on horseback between XVII and XVIII centuries: side chapels, flagstone pavements and two shields from Emmanuel Filberto of Saboya, prior of the San Juan order heritage.

Up to now, San Juan Bautista church enclose substantial artistic works:

  • Renaissance rood screen donated in 1588 by Emmanuele Filberto of Saboya, Venecia and Piamonte prince.
  • Cristo de la Merced, stemming from Mercedarios priory and Escuela Andaluza donation.
Iluminación de las bóvedas en la Iglesia San Juan Bautista
Iluminación Divina y conectada en la Iglesia San Juan Bautista


Espacio de arte

Is lighting the most critical feature at worship centres?

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Lorite, Intervento manager and smartlighting magazine partner, verify lighting as one of the most relevant features in this space, so much so that describe light as “structural substance”.


“If one thing characterises the contemporary religious architect is the emphasize of natural light role, moreover, It might be argued that is what determines temple´s morphology

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Lorite

Rodríguez Lorite focus on artificial lighting as “essential for historic spaces use, and an architecture without this, is doomed to failure”. This emphatic claim warrant how artificial lighting is relevant at worship centres, however, with three strong requirements defined by the lighting master:

  1. Meet the “reversibility standard” which have the opportunity of being withdrawn out of damages.
  2. Assure the environment formal integration.
  3. Ensuring the safety as chemical agent.

Grupo Lledó point and take account of Rodríguez Lorite´s guidelines

Grupo Lledó team located in Ciudad Real, was responsible of the advice, supply and installation from all lighting solutions. With a new feature in this type of projects: emerging control system through Bluetooth.

In this way, our lighting judgment is being divided in two different spaces:

  • It´s vital to prevail natural light on any artificial subject regarding to lighting works in churchs and worship centres. San Juan Bautista church is split up in several arches which, at the same time, are further divided into three different naves (main and two sides). Vault´s lighting was held with LED CARSO projectors, designed for highlight their main colours, but damaging. Was also projected into SUPERFLOOD optical technology of 41°, as indirect lighting and reflection, based into ledges with special cases.
Composición Carso Superflood



  • According to presbytery and altar zenith cold lighting, we bring forward by 48w LED CARSO PROJECTOR, made up with 15° SPOT optical technology, thereby achieving lighting features: more forthright during the central corridor (9 meters high) and belonging to the altar area (up to 15 meters distance) achieving an excellent uniformity along the space.
Composición Carso Spot



Bluetooth connectivity, Holy dispute

The project arrangement is being solved successful by our lighting solutions. Furthermore, we decided to leak the edge and raised the possibility of manage all projects solutions through Bluetooth. With this reason, we could hold several scenes depending of time of day (celebrations, ceremonies, mundane masses etc.) in a functional way and always one step forward from current technology.


Lighting Solution


Lighting Project

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