Human Centric Lighting in Bilbao´s Gran Via

Juan Carlos Alonso Varona, title holder of AV- ARQUITECTURA signed responsible for this HCL pilot project premised for modern and appropriate workspaces. The reference located in Bilbao belongs to a greater organization. This particular branch required a new planning in order to facilitate a comfortable and healthy stay for staff and visitors.

Lledó acted in a role as lighting adviser, project planner, supplier, installation monitoring and commissioning of the lighting control system.

Human centric lighting helps people over the course of the day with a better visibility concentration and well feeling on closed rooms. Paragons from the ever changing natural light are translated into electric light tools. The main criteria are where the light comes from, at which hour of the day and in which light spectrum and intensity.

Iluminación HCL en la Gran Vía de Bilbao

The Bilbao project basically combines the following lighting strategies

  • Adequate wall lighting contribution – to give to our eyes a clear orientation and a bright light impression at any time of the day – reached by a cove lighting with a cool light -source as a counterpart for the natural light which comes through the windows on the opposite site.
  • Bright and glare – free light by our LINE 50 light structure for general work task lighting. The c2c certified light structure allows the installation for a 2 canal light mixing, where different Light colors can be combined, to create the proper impact at any time. Lledó has a long term expertise which light sources should be chosen – to ensure a constant full spectrum light quality in the morning / afternoon and during evening hours.
  • “Focal Glow – effects” on the floor caused by single point light sources installed in circular downlights. A warm accent light is extremely important in the cold season and evening hours to create pleasant and room atmosphere. The installed downlights are equipped with warm tone metal reflectors in order to create the proper effect.
  • The right balance of this 3 components is reached by a lighting connectivity system. Our LLioT Gate works well in smaller projects up to 100 connected devices and has already incorporated special HCL software functionality and can interact via API with other disciplines like room temperature and air quality monitoring – in order to create WELL certified environments.

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting for office environments

  • Improve attention and concentration.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Improves overnight sleep and finally productivity.
  • Green building standards like WELL, DGNB and others honour such installations in their certification credits  – like sociocultural quality –  , taking into consideration light sources with color rendering above CRI 90 or sources with augmented blue light spectrum provoking the our adequate melatopic response , as well as a dimmable light features – adapting the light to personal needs.


A.V. Arquitectura

A.V. Arquitectura (Alonso Varona Arquitectura S.L.P.) founded in Bilbao in 2007 amongst a group of professionals with long term expertise in designing office spaces and refurbishments of architectural heritage.


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