HiperDino improves the shopping experience

New chromatic values

DinoSol Group has more than 200 stores distributed in five of the seven Canary Islands, and more than 6,000 employees. Among its brands, are: HiperDino; large surfaces, SuperDino; neighborhood establishments with a smaller commercial area and HiperDino Express; Small-area establishments located in tourist areas.

To adapt to the new times and offer the best service to customers, Hiperdino 7 Las Palmas has carried out a complete reformation to become a more attractive and innovative supermarket, with the latest advances in shopping experience.

Introducing the latest technology and getting to increase customer satisfaction by making a smarter purchase and in a shortest time possible.

To achieve this goal, the lighting has been renewed throughout the supermarket, because it conditions to a large extent the customer’s satisfaction at the store. With the new lighting his experience during the purchase, will not be affected by glare or lack of light in key areas.



Lighting dedicated to the product

Today’s main goal is saving energy and reducing costs in comparison to conventional lighting. At the same time, excellent lighting conditions are required in Retail, guaranteeing 100% the applications safety and productivity time of use, to make the merchandise stand out, be attractive to clients and thus obtain a differentiating feature in the facilities ergonomics.

For specific areas such as drinks, cosmetics, toiletry … lighting should enhance the products features that need highlighting.

Accent lighting achieves an adequate level of luminosity, greater uniformity and a chromatic reproduction (CRI <90) that reproduces the colors of the displayed products with greater fidelity.

And for pastry and bakery areas, the perfect lighting is the one that gives a warm and bright light that manages to reproduce the appearance of freshly baked products.

The new lighting goes along with the client in all different areas helping him distinguish products, their features and offer friendly environments that result in an improvement of their shopping experience.


Architectural Studio

Grupo DinoSol


Lighting Project

Lledó Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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