Fortino Bakery, customized lighting solutions

Fortino Bakery is a family establishment located in Gracia district (Barcelona), it counts with more than twenty years of expertise in breads and pasta production, holding one of top baker´s in Barcelona.

This family business, made of six bakers, has the distinction to demand, day by day, a wide nutrition and bakery techniques formation. All of this, results own and artisanal goods, reflected in their website as “sourdough”, “free conservatives”, “handmade” or “healthy ingredients” for those that look for what they eat.

Iluminación en panaderías
¿Cómo iluminar un negocio y sus horneados?



How to make good light in baked goods and their establishments?

For such a specific business, where they look for any detail whiling their product elaboration, they need solutions accord to that level. Not only in the design and quality, also in the maintenance, preservation and exhibition of their baking goods.

Grupo Lledo call comes as well from the change that Fortino Bakery had to make, by forcing. They have to move towards other bigger establishment, a sudden turn they have been benefitted from sales and perception.

For their new 80m² license, they wanted to preserve last design and tradition for more than ninety years.

Solution, source of light through “premium chips”

From this point, by knowing Forn Fortino references, the stake was clear:

  • LED VIEW Projector – Aluminium injection optical assembly, exclusively made for high performance LED light sources integration. Focus on bakery products, LED VIEW Project hold huge benefits:
    1. Their guidance system, allows to turn the full 360° around its vertical axis, just as the horizontal layout in 90°.
    2. To obtain a high colour definition, it has been used a specific chip by integrating an exclusively led for bread. This chip beams a bright and warm light good for bakery products, with a colour rendering (CRI) higher than 90.
  • DL/CE 160 Downlight – This downlight design is fitted with an effective accent light, due to their selected facet design to let a correct distribution. Talking about Forn Fortino, we used this model to enhance VIEW projectors labor at the lowest areas, where is not that intensive, as happens in the shop windows. For this model we integrated a special led function for bread.
  • LED FLAT luminous structure – Luminaire complete ready for install and connect. Its electric design is used to achieve a special lighting source underneath the product showcase.

Lighting Project

Lledó Barcelona



Arqmais Arquitectura



Ángel Rico



Roberto Feijoo

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