Cornión look to reinvent

Fitting to state-of-the-art art illumination requirements

Borned in 1981 as a cultural space which allows two different business around their units, a library and an art gallery, that gain in importance over the years. This Asturian gallery, specialized in contemporary art, embrace Asturian artists valuable works of art “with solid sponsorships as Rubio Camín or Pelayo Ortega”.

The gallery content shows up more than twenty designers, which high up to hundreds the number of public exhibited works, therefore, the service of enlightenment has been a different and detailed challenge for each project.

Proyectores ART VIEW
CORNIÓN Espacio de arte

Cornión Gallery

Art Space

Fachada Cornión

Customized solutions, even more in art galleries

The call-in towards Grupo Lledó come up as a consequence related to “the start of something new, which only holds artistic field”. Cornión is looking for reinventing and fitting to new market trends, so they opted for devoted artists and newbies designers displays.

Thinking about the rebranding of a “living and dynamic” space, they consider the value of lighting in that procedure, outsourcing in Grupo Lledó Norte (Asturias) the counselling, supply and installation of all the expected lighting solutions, supervised by Juan Carlos Rabanal, Grupo Lledó staff.

“It clearly has become one of the best showrooms areas in Spain”, add Pelayo Ortega, one of the most Cornion´s devoted artists, to La Voz de Galicia magazine, in his first visit to the Gallery. This one was opened from the start of the year, with about 300m².

LED ART VIEW Projectors

The ambiguity of both floors which build Cornión Gallery, explains a careful project due to a lighting job. We support this model because of their adaptability, compact design and the exchangeable optic accessories. Art View becomes in the best choice to illuminate art galleries, showrooms and museums. However, the project requires an ad-hoc fitting to every artistic work, just as the structure floors.

¿How do we light up an art gallery?

Art View projectors holds different OPTICIANS KITs due to shape and screening features in each artistic work, looking for a quick and specify light beam integration in every instance. This special feature allows to use the same project sample, with different OPTICIANS KITs and accessories:


For this reason, all symbolized artworks have become perfectly enlightened, enclosed to a space where light changes between the four picture windows from the entrance, to the vault´s daylight dismissed, become from the basement´s natural features.

Iluminación centrada al producto




Lighting Project

Lledó Asturias

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