Closs & Hamblin offers a new lighting experience

Trusted home and haberdashery retailer Closs & Hamblin (C & H) have recently completed a rebranding and a store refurbishment in Canterbury, featuring lighting by Lledo.
Conceived by multi-disciplinary advertising and design agency Mynt, the new lighting creates a warm vibrant ambience and supports ease of selection and purchase, for an excellent in-store experience.
Project Brief

Modern retailing is all about connecting with customers on a very personal level. C & H wanted their customers to feel welcome and at ease, while also conveying a strong sense of the heritage and experience that make them a true added-value specialist retailer.
Being a haberdasher, the ability to faithfully reproduce the colours and textures of the fabrics and home wares was supremely important.

So how did the lighting by Lledo support C  &  H’s   goals?

The store’s cosy vintage-inspired aesthetic is supported by a dark painted ceiling featuring exposed services. Sleek track-mounted Lledo Coral LED spotlights in a matching tone provide the majority of the store lighting, blending into the ceiling to ensure the focus is squarely on the vibrant merchandise.
The Coral track mounted spotlights allow C & H to carefully manage the light contrast ratios and light flow across   the store, putting highlights into just the right places to guide customer attention. With lower light levels in the clear circulation zones, the spotlights create strong contrast, picking out the product displays, service zones, vertical perimeter shelving and in the shop window, stimulating interest and enticing customers through the space.
The Importance of Colour &   Texture

The pure, intense, and highly controlled light created by Coral’s patented PHI reflector technology makes the products pop and reveals interesting textures and materiality.
All lighting is provided in a warm 3000K consistent colour temperature, known to promote a relaxing  homely ambience that encourages customers to  dwell.
The Lledo products used for C & H are all in excess of CRI 90 – meaning they are more than 90% accurate in reproducing the standard test set of colours.
Unlike many LED products, the Coral spotlights are also high in accuracy for reproducing saturated red tones – which make both merchandise and customers skin tones look much more appealing.

Retail Design Consultant: Mynt Electrical Contractor

Lighting: Lledo Lighting UK

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