BMW introduces Lledo Sunoptics daylighting systems

BMW dealership in Murcia Spain has installed Lledó Sunoptics in their showroom and sales area reducing the electricity consumption and providing the best lighting color rendition to their Premium car range  whilst at the same time providing glare free daylight to their employees.

BMW is now another prestigious brand that has trusted Lledó Sunoptics to reduce their lighting consumption.

Lledó Sunoptics daylight system transmit more light to the interior via millions of tiny prisms providing 100% diffusion, no glare and no UV damage to the products and furnishings. The lights can be switch off during the day when electricity is more expensive, Lledó Sunoptics provides the light levels required and the best color rendition. 

Switch off your lights and reduce your carbon footprint considerably!
Lledó Sunoptics
Lledó Group. Feel the light
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