•    Prismatic skylights provide very high light transmission with 100% light diffusion
•    Eliminate damaging direct sunlight  and prevents UV damage to the interiors and merchandise
•    Double, triple or even quad glazed for superior insulation
•    Insulated thermal break frames are standard
•    Completely welded corners – our design does not rely on wet seals to be watertight
•    Superior engineering, design and construction
•    We make our own plastic lenses, for complete quality control
•    Exceptional performance without a premium price. Clic here “Comparasion and results – conventional systems compared to Lledó Sunoptics lighting systems”

Sunoptics high performance prismatric skylights are designed to provide the maximum amount of visible light into a building –  with 100% diffusion.

Lledó Sunoptics in Sainsburys

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